About Us

The Paranormals is a supernatural horror/crime noir graphic novel series.

Written by A. Diallo Jackson and illustrated by Russell Fox the series follows three seemingly unrelated protagonists who’s paths cross with unexpected results:

Jennifer Mi Huen, Christ or Anti-Christ? A girl with a past, hurtling towards an inevitable destiny.

Mason Lynch, a bumbling yet determined private investigator.

Andre Jai, a relentless single-minded demon hunter sent to protect Jenni or to kill her.

He’s still deciding.




The Writer

A. Diallo Jackson is the creator and writer of comic books, “The Paranormals” and “Kurai Tenshi: The Dark Angels” both of which have been given enthusiastic reviews by Ain’t It Cool News who described The Paranormals as “a promising series”. He also runs the sci-fi/comic book blog www.actionstudioworks, is a regular contributor to Yahoo! Games, and has a number of other projects, scripts and comic books in the works. Leveraging his knowledge of technology, he has taken a non-traditional out-of-the-box approach to raising his profile and promoting his work through social media, video, and blogging.

Mr. Jackson is currently involved in developing the next book in the Paranormals Graphic Novel series as well as launching a new comic book/ genre news site, Kung Fu Gripped.


The Artist

Russell Fox is the artist extraordinare of “The Paranormals”.  Delusions of grandeur at the age of 4, caused him, on the first day of school, to tell his teacher that he intended to draw Spider-Man comics for a living. Thirteen years later he began his first professional commission as an illustrator on Judge Dredd Megazine. After spending some time as a storyboarding/visualising artist for advertising & design companies, he moved back into comics in 2003 as co-creator of two children’s graphic novel series, one of which went on to become a BBC TV show.

Currently Russell is working on The Paranormals with writer A. Diallo Jackson of which Aint it Cool News has said “Fox’s sophisticated panels and angles make each page pop.” He is also working on two other books: a straight-up horror one shot THE TOMBS, and a short story I LOVE FLYING!, based on a near-crash experience on a flight to Australia. Both series are written, illustrated and lettered by Russell himself.

He has recently completed HUMANS VS ZOMBIES: THE BEGINNING, a comic based on the film Humans VS Zombies. The comic will be released in May 2012 in conjunction with the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the film, which will also include an animated version of the comic as a bonus feature.


The Letterer

Leah Novak letters the “The Paranormals”, providing an out-of-the-box approach to bring together the art and words of the writer and artist.  She has worked on over a dozen graphic novels and comic books (as well as e-books and independent published books.)  Some of her other titles include:

The Paranormals Vol 1 and Vol 2
Soul Stealer Vol 2 and Vol 3, as well as Ultimate Edition
Dead Space: Salvage for EA Games


Please check back regularly for more news about the latest goings on with The Paranormals including major announcements, videos, and our next issue release!
Print versions of the comic are available HERE.

The iTunes (iBookStore) version can be found HERE.