The Paranormals is now on iTunes!!

We are very happy to announce that our book “The Paranormals” is now for sale in the iBookStore for iTunes. The art and visuals of Russell’s pencils and inks pops in a way that you’ve never seen before when you see them on your iPhone. And don’t even get us [...]


The Paranormals goes Digital with Graphicly

Sure there’s a ton of news coming out of this year’s San Diego Comic Con, but personally, we think this is the best news of them all. The gang at ActionStudioWorks would like to announce proudly that beginning in August, The Paranormals will be available for download and viewing on [...]


Super Hero Stuff loves the Paranormals

I had a chance to be interviewed by the great folks over at Superherostuff.com about The Paranormals. Superherostuff.com is doing a weekly segment on indie comics and wanted to find out more about the book, the creative team, and my thoughts on a wide range of topics. Check out the [...]


LEGO Paranormals

First there was LEGO Star Wars, then LEGO Indiana Jones, and LEGO Harry Potter. Now, from the brilliant and talented Anakin, son of “The Paranormals” artist, Russell Fox comes….drum roll… …LEGO Paranormals! Isn’t that amazing? It looks like artistic talent runs in the Fox family. Quick, someone get this kid [...]


“The Paranormals” has lots…in store

When it comes to small press, it doesn’t get much smaller than us. Our friends from across the pond Orbital Comics have listed “The Paranormals” in their Small Press section with some very generous placement at the top of the page. In addition, if you happen to reside in one [...]


Paranormals #1 Gets “Cool” Review

“A promising series that may interest fans of HELLBLAZER.” Ambush Bug, over at Ain’t it Cool News was kind enough to give The Paranormals #1 a very nice read and review which appeared on their AICN Comics on Wednesday in their Indie Jones section. Ain’t it Cool has actually been [...]


Paranormals artist enters Dead Space

Hey guys. I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you all know that Christopher Shy, the cover artist for Paranormals has a graphic novel on sale from IDW books titled Dead Space Salvage. According to IDW’s press release: “The graphic novel Dead Space Salvage tells the story [...]


Continuing The Conversation. Part 2

Harmon diverges from the sports path and talks to A. Diallo Jackson, who creates a thought-provoking new world order in his new release – The Paranormals, Vol. I. It’s a part crime story and part supernatural thriller. In this second part of the interview, Harmon and Jackson discuss the nuances of [...]


Paranormals Chit Chat: Part 1

I had a chance the other day to sit down and chat about the launch of The Paranormals (and oddly enough Keanu Reeves) with an old friend; current Fox Sports radio, internet, and tv contributer Mike “Swollen Dome” Harmon. Check out the first part of the interview here. Listen to [...]


The Paranormals have finally arrived

The idea of what would become The Paranormals popped into my head one evening back in 2003 while laying on my floor, staring up at the ceiling. I’d completed my first attempt at writing in a comic-book format about a year before with my preview story Kurai Tenshi: The Dark [...]